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camp / campamento
camp   1   [kæmp]
A. -noun
1. (=collection of tents)   campamento (m)
(=organized site)   camping (m)
·to make or pitch camp
·poner or montar el campamento,   acampar
·to break or strike camp
·levantar el campamento
2. (politics etcetera)   bando (m),   facciónoun (f)
a. to have a foot in both camps   tener intereses en ambos bandos
B. -intransitive verb
1. (in tent)   acampar
·to go camping
·ir de camping
2. *
(=stay)   alojarse temporalmente
C. -compound
·camp bed   -noun   cama (f) de campaña,   cama (f) plegable,   catre (m) Latin America
·camp chair   -noun   silla (f) plegable
·camp follower   -noun
(=sympathizer)   simpatizante masculine and feminine   (military)
(=prostitute)   prostituta (f)
(=civilian worker)   trabajador (m) / trabajadoa (f)
·camp site   -noun   camping (m)
·camp stool   -noun   taburete (m) plegable
·camp stove   -noun   hornillo (m) de camping
camp / amanerado
camp   2   [kæmp]
A. -adjective
1. (=affected, theatrical)   amanerado,   afectado
2. (=effeminate)   afeminado
a. to be as camp as a row of tents   *   tener mucha pluma *,   ser mariquita perdido *
B. -noun
1. (theatre)   also high camp   amaneramiento (m)
2. (=effeminacy)   lo afeminado
C. -transitive verb
·to camp it up
*   parodiarse a nouní mismo
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