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cake / tarta
cake   [keɪk]
A. -noun
1. (large)   tarta (f),   pastel (m),   torta (f) Latin America   (small)   pastel (m),   queque (m) Latin America   (sponge, plain)   bizcocho (m),   pan (m) dulce
·the way the national cake is divided
(figurative)   la forma en que está repartida la tarta or está repartido el pastel nacional
a. it'noun a piece of cake   *   es pan comido,   está tirado *
b. to go or sell like hot cakes   *   venderse como rosquillas
c. to have one'noun cake and eat it
·he wants to have his cake and eat it
·quiere nadar y guardar la ropa
d. that takes the cake!   *   ¡es el colmo!
2. (=bar)
a. [of chocolate]   barra (f)
b. [of soap]   pastilla (f)
B. -transitive verb
·caked with mud
·embarrado,   cubierto de barro seco
C. -intransitive verb
[blood]   coagularse
[mud]   endurecerse
D. -compound
·cake mix   -noun   polvos masculine plural para hacer pasteles
·cake shop   -noun   pastelería (f)
·cake tin   -noun   (for baking)   molde (m) para pastel   (for storing)   caja (f) de pastel
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