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caballo / horse
caballo   -noun masculine
1. (=animal)   horse
·a caballo: una mujer a caballo
·a woman on horseback o riding a horse
·vino a caballo
·he came on horseback,   he rode here
·me gusta montar a caballo
·I like (to go) horse riding
·paseo a caballo
·(horse) ride
·tropas de a caballo
·mounted troops
a. de caballo   **   huge,   massive
·una dosis de caballo
·a huge dose,   a massive dose
·una depresiónoun de caballo
·a terrible depression,   a really deep depression
b. a caballo entre
·Andalucía, a caballo entre oriente y occidente
·Andalusia, halfway between the east and the west
·vivo a caballo entre Madrid y Barcelona
·I spend my time between Madrid and Barcelona,   I spend half my time in Madrid, half in Barcelona
c. como caballo desbocado   rashly,   hastily
d. ir a mata caballo   *   to go at breakneck speed,   go like the clappers *
·a caballo regalado no le mires el diente
·don't look a gift horse in the mouth
·caballo blanco     white knight
·caballo de batalla
·han convertido el asunto en su caballo de batalla personal
·the issue has become their hobbyhorse
·esto se convirtió en el caballo de batalla de la reuniónoun
·this became the bone of contention in the meeting
·caballo de carga   packhorse
·caballo de carreras   racehorse
·caballo de caza   hunter
·caballo de guerra   warhorse,   charger
·caballo de manta
·caballo de silla   saddle horse
·caballo de tiro   carthorse,   plough horse,   plow horse United States
·Caballo de Troya   Trojan horse
2. (Ajedrez)   knight   (Naipes)   equivalent of queen in the Spanish pack of cards
3. (mechanics)   also caballo de fuerza, caballo de vapor   horsepower
·un motor de 100 caballos
·a 100 horsepower engine
·¿cuántos caballos tiene este coche?
·what horsepower is this car?,   what'noun this car'noun horsepower?
·un dos caballos
·a 2CV
·caballo de vapor decimal   metric horsepower
4. (sport)
·caballo con arcos   pommel horse,   side horse
·caballo de saltos   vaulting horse,   long horse
5. [de carpintero]   sawhorse,   sawbuck United States
6. **
(=heroína)   smack **,   sugar **
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