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burro / stupid
A. -adjective
1. *
(=estúpido)   stupid
·¡qué burro! ¡no sabe la capital de Italia!
what a fool o moron *, he doesn't know the capital of Italy!
2. (=bruto)
·¡deja de empujar, no seas burro!
stop pushing, you great oaf o you big brute! *
·¡el muy burro se comió el pastel entero!
he ate the whole cake, the pig! *
3. (=obstinado)   pig-headed *
·ponerse burro
·to dig one'noun heels in,   be pigheaded *
B. -noun masculine
1. (zoology)   donkey
(Cono Sur)   humorous   racehorse
(=perdedor en carrera)   also-ran
·salto de burro
(Mexicoéx)   leapfrog
a. [apearse] o [bajar(se)] del burro   *   to back down
·a pesar de las críticas, el gobierno no se apea o baja del burro
·in spite of the criticism, the government refuses to back down
·¡el niño no se apea o baja del burro!
·this kid doesn't know when he'noun beaten!
b. [bajar] del burro a somebody, someone   to take somebody down a peg (or two) *,   put somebody in his/her place *
c. [caer] burros aparejados
(Caribe)   *   to rain cats and dogs
d. [caerse] del burro   *   to admit defeat
e. es un burro [cargado] de letras   he'noun a pompous ass *
f. [comer] burro
·esto comió burro
(Cono Sur)   *   it got lost,   it vanished
g. el burro [grande], ande o no ande   *   never mind the quality, feel the width *
h. [no ver] tres en un burro   *
·sin gafas no veo tres en un burro
without my glasses I'masculine as blind as a bat *
·en el bosque no se veía tres en un burro
in the wood you couldn't see your hand in front of your face *
i. [poner] a somebody, someone a caer de un burro   *   to savage somebody,   tear somebody to shreds
j. [ver] burros negros
(Cono Sur)   *   to see stars
k. si los burros volaran   pigs might fly
·si los burros volaran, todos nos haríamos ricos con ese negocio
·this business could make us rich, and pigs might fly
·burro de agua
(Caribe, Mexicoéx)   big wave
·burro de carga
·trata a su empleados como burros de carga
·he treats his workers like slaves
2. *
(=estúpido)   fool,   moron *
·¡burro!, tres y dos son cinco
you fool o moron *, three plus two makes five!
3. *
·eres un burro, lo has roto
·you're so rough you've gone and broken it
·el burro de Juan seguía pegándole
·that brute Juan kept on hitting him
·el burro de Antonio se comió su plato y el masculineío
that pig Antonio ate all his own dinner and mine too *
a. trabaja como un burro   he works like a slave,   he works all the hours God sends *
4. (=obstinado)   stubborn fool
·es un burro y no lo vas a convencer
he'noun so pig-headed * o stubborn you'll never persuade him
5. (Naipes)   old maid
6. (technicaléc)   sawhorse,   sawbuck United States
7. (Mexicoéx)
(=escalera)   stepladder
8. (Andes, Caribe)
(=columpio)   swing
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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