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bunch / ramo
bunch   [bʌntʃ]
A. -noun
1. [of flowers]   ramo (m)   (small)   ramillete (m)
b. [of bananas, grapes]   racimo (m)
c. [of keys]   manojo (m)
·to wear one'noun hair in bunches
(British, Great Britain)   llevar coletas
·the best or pick of the bunch
(figurative)   el/la mejor de todos
2. *
(=set of people)   grupo (m),   pandilla (f)
·they're an odd bunch
·son gente rara
·they're a bunch of traitors
·son una panda de traidores
a. the best of a bad bunch   entre malos, los mejores
3. (United States)   *
·a bunch of
(=several, many)   un montónoun de
·a bunch of times
·un montónoun de veces
4. ·thanks a bunch!
ironic   ¡hombre, pues te lo agradezco!,   ¡gracias mil!
B. -transitive verb
[+objects]   agrupar,   juntar
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