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build up / urbanizar
build up   build
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. [+area, town etcetera]   urbanizar
·the area was built up years ago
·la zona fue urbanizada hace años
2. (=establish)
[+business, firm]   levantar
[+reputation]   labrarse
[+impression]   crear
·to build up a lead
·tomar la delantera
·he had built up a picture in his mind of what she was like
·se había formado una imagen mental de cómo era ella
3. (=increase)
[+stocks etcetera]   acumular
[+sales, numbers]   incrementar
·to build up one'noun strength
·to build up one'noun hopes
·hacerse ilusiones
·to build up somebody'noun confidence
·dar masculineánoun confianza en nouní mismo a somebody, someone
·to build up one'noun (self-)confidence
·desarrollar la confianza en nouní mismo
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
[pressure, sound, speed]   aumentar   (finance)
[interest]   acumularse
[excitement]   crecer
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