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bubble / burbuja
bubble   [ˈbʌbl]
A. -noun   (in liquid)   burbuja (f)   (in paint)   ampolla (f)
(=soap bubble)   pompa (f)   (in cartoon)   bocadillo (m),   globo (m)
·to blow bubbles
(with soap)   hacer pompas   (with bubble gum)   hacer globos
·the bubble burst
(figurative)   se deshizo la burbuja
B. -intransitive verb
[champagne, bath water]   burbujear
(=bubble forth)   borbotar
C. -compound
·bubble and squeak   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (culinary, cooking )   carne picada frita con patatas y col
·bubble bath   -noun   gel (m) de baño
·bubble car   -noun   coche-cabina (m),   huevo (m)
·bubble gum   -noun   chicle (m) (de globo)
·bubble memory   -noun   memoria (f) de burbuja
·bubble pack   -noun   envasado (m) en lámina
·bubble wrap   -noun   envoltorio (m) de pluralástico con burbujas
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