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boss / jefe
boss   1   [bɒs]
A. -noun   (generally)   jefe (m) / jefea (f)
(=owner, employer)   patrónoun (m) / patrónounona (f)
(=manager)   gerente masculine and feminine
(=foreman)   capataz (m)
a. [of gang]   cerebro (m)
(United States)   (politics)   cacique (m)
·I like to be my own boss
·quiero mandar en mis asuntos,   quiero controlar mis propias cosas
·I'masculine the boss here
·aquí mando yo
·OK, you're the boss
·vale, mandas
B. -transitive verb   mangonear *,   dar órdenes a
C. -adjective
(United States)   *   chulo *
boss / protuberancia
boss   2   [bɒs]   -noun
(=bulge)   protuberancia (f)
(=stud)   clavo (m),   tachónoun (m)
. [of shield]   ombligo (m)   (architecture)   llave (f) de bóveda
-noun abbreviation
(in South Africa)
Bureau of State Security
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