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border / borde
border   [ˈbɔ:dər]
A. -noun
1. (=edge)   (as decoration)   borde (m),   margen (m)   (as boundary)   límite (m)
2. (=frontier)   frontera (f)
·the Borders
(British, Great Britain)   la frontera entre Inglaterra y Escocia
3. (sewing)   orilla (f),   cenefa (f)
4. (in garden)   arriate (m),   parterre (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=adjoin)   bordear,   lindar con
·it is bordered on the north by ...
·linda al norte con ...
2. (sewing)   ribetear,   orlar
C. -compound   [area, ballad]   fronterizo   [guard]   de la frontera
·border dispute   -noun   disputa (f) fronteriza
·border incident   -noun   incidente (m) fronterizo
·border patrol   -noun
(United States)   patrulla (f) de fronteras
·border post   -noun   puesto (m) fronterizo
·border town   -noun   pueblo (m) fronterizo
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