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bola / ball
bola   -noun feminine
1. (=cuerpo esférico)   ball
a. [de helado]   scoop
(=canica)   marble
·van a sacar la bola premiada
·they're going to pick the winning ball
·del susto se me ha hecho una bola en el estómago
·my stomach knotted up with fright
b. estar hecho una bola
(=gordo)   to be round as a barrel,   be chubby *
(=acurrucado)   to be curled up (in a ball)
·bola de alcanfor   mothball
·bola de contar   abacus bead
·bola de cristal   crystal ball
·bola de fuego   (military)   fireball   (meteorology)   ball lightning
·bola del mundo   globe
·bola de naftalina   mothball
·bola de nieve   snowball
·bola de tempestad
·bola de tormenta   storm signal
·bola negra   black ball
2. (sport)   ball
a. [de petanca]   boule
b. andar como bola huacha
c. andar como bola sin manija
(Argentina, Uruguay)   to be at a loose end
d. dar bola
(Cono Sur)   *   to take notice
·se lo he dicho mil veces pero no me da bola
·I've told him a thousand times but he doesn't take any notice o a blind bit of notice
·¡dale bola!
·what, again!
e. dar la bola
(Spain)     **   to be released (from jail)
f. dejar que ruede la bola   to let things take their course
g. escurrir la bola   to take French leave
h. ir a su bola
(Spain)   *   to do one'noun own thing *
·aquí cada uno va a su bola
everyone does their own thing here *
· (ve) a tu bola
just do your own thing *
i. parar bola(noun)
(Colombia, Venezuela)   to pay attention
·no me paró bolas
·he didn't take any notice,   he didn't pay attention
j. pasar la bola   *   to pass the buck *
k. pasarse de la bola
(Caribe)   *   to go too far
l. no rascar bola
(Spain)   **   not to lift a finger *
·bola de billar   billiard ball,   snooker ball
m. tener la cabeza como una bola de billar   to be as bald as a coot
·bola de partido
(Spain)   (Tenis)   match ball
·bola de set
(Spain)   (Tenis)   set point
3. (en lana, algodónoun)   bobble
·para que no le salgan bolas es mejor lavarlo a mano
·it'noun best to wash it by hand to stop bobbles
·[hacerse] bolas
[jersey, abrigo]   to get bobbly
(Mexicoéx)   *
[persona]   to get o.noun. tied up in knots
4. (Spain)
a. [del brazo]   biceps
b. [de la pantorrilla]   calf muscle
·[sacar] bola
·to flex one'noun muscles
5. **
(=cabeza)   nut *,   noggin United States United States
· estánoun mal de la bola
you're nuts *
a. cambiar la bola
(Caribe)   *   to change one'noun mind
6. bolas   ***
(=testículos)   balls ***
a. en bolas   **
(=desnudo)   naked
·tíos en bolas
·naked men
·aquí todo el mundo va o está en bolas
·everyone goes round naked o in the nude here
·en esta cala está permitido ponerse en bolas
·they allow nude bathing on this beach
·tras el incendio nos quedamos en bolas
the fire completely cleaned us out *
b. hasta las bolas   ***   pissed off ***
·estoy hasta las bolas de él
I'masculine pissed off with him ***
·me tiene hasta las bolas con sus tonterías   I'masculine pissed off with his fooling around ***,   I've had it up to here ith his fooling around *
c. pillar a somebody, someone en bolas   **   to catch somebody on the hop *
d. ¡qué bolas!
(Caribe, Cono Sur)   *   what a nerve! *
7. *
(=mentira)   fib
·¡vaya bola que nos metiste!
·what a fib you told us!
·este niño nos quiere meter una bola
that boy'noun trying to put one past us *
·¡qué bola masculineánoun grande!
what a whopper! *
·¿no te habránoun tragado esa bola?   you didn't swallow that one, did you? *,   you didn't fall for it, did you? *
8. (=rumor)
·[correr] la bola
·to spread the word
·¿quiénoun ha corrido la bola de que se van a vivir al extranjero?
·who'noun been spreading the word that they're going to move abroad?
9. (Mexicoéx)
·[dar] bola
·to polish shoes
10. (Naipes)   (grand) slam
·[media] bola
·small slam
11. (Náut)   signal (with discs)
12. (typography)   golf ball
13. (mechanics)   ball bearing
14. (Mexicoéx)
(=jaleo)   row,   hubbub
(=pelea)   brawl
a. se armó la bola   all hell broke loose *
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