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blooming / floreciente
blooming   [ˈblu:mɪŋ]
A. -adjective
1. [tree]   floreciente,   en flor
2. (figurative)
(=flourishing)   radiante
·to be blooming with health
·be in blooming health
·estar rebosante de or rebosar salud
3. (British, Great Britain)   *
·the blooming car wouldn't start
el maldito coche no arrancaba *
·get that blooming thing out of the way!
¡quita eso de ahí, hombre! *
B. -adverb
(British, Great Britain)   *
·I think it'noun blooming marvellous
a masculineí me parece genial *
·we had to lift this blooming great box
tuvimos que levantar un pedazo de caja enorme or una caja de agárrate y no te menees *
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