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blessed / bendito
blessed   [ˈblesɪd]
A. -adjective
1. (religion)
(=holy)   bendito,   santo
(=beatified)   beato
·the Blessed Virgin
·la Santísima Virgen
·the Blessed Sacrament
·el Santísimo Sacramento
·blessed be Thy Name
·bendito sea Tu Nombre
·of blessed memory
·que Dios lo/la tenga en su gloria
2. literary
(=joyous)   feliz,   maravilloso
·a day of blessed calm
·un día de bendita tranquilidad
3. (British, Great Britain)   **
(=wretched)   santo *,   dichoso *
·the whole blessed day
todo el santo día *
·where'noun that blessed book?
¿dónde está ese dichoso libro? *
·we didn't find a blessed thing
no encontramos nada de nada *
B. -noun plural
·the Blessed
·los bienaventurados
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