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blast / ráfaga
blast   [blɑ:st]
A. -noun
1. [of air, steam, wind]   ráfaga (f)
b. [of sand, water]   chorro (m)
·(at) full blast
(figurative)   a toda marcha
2. (=sound)
a. [of whistle etcetera]   toque (m)
b. [of bomb]   explosiónoun (f)
·at each blast of the trumpet
·a cada trompetazo
3. (=shock wave)
a. [of explosion etcetera]   sacudida (f),   onda (f) expansiva
4. [of criticism etcetera]   tempestad (f),   oleada (f)
5. *
·it was a blast
fue el desmadre *
·we got a real blast out of the party
nos lo pasamos de miedo en la fiesta *
B. -transitive verb
1. (=tear apart)   (with explosives)   volar   (by lightning)   derribar   (military)   bombardear
·to blast open
·abrir con carga explosiva
2. (botany)   marchitar   (with blight)   añublar   (figurative)
[+hopes, future]   malograr,   echar por tierra
3. (=shoot)   pegar un tiro a,   abrir fuego contra
4. (=criticize)
[+person]   emprenderla con
[+film, novel, report]   poner por los suelos
5. (Sport)
[+ball]   estrellar
6. (=send out)
[+air, water]   lanzar
C. -intransitive verb   also blast out
[music, siren]   sonar a todo volumen,   resonar
D. -exclamation
(British, Great Britain)   **   ¡maldita sea! *
·blast it!
¡maldita sea! *
E. -compound
·blast furnace   -noun   alto horno (m)
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