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bind / atar
bind   [baɪnd]
bound   past tense   past participle
A. -transitive verb
1. (=tie together)   atar
(=tie down, make fast)   sujetar   (figurative)   unir   (to   a)
·bound hand and foot
·atado de pies y manos
2. (=encircle)   rodear   (with   de),   ceñir   (with   con, de)
3. [+wound, arm etcetera]   vendar
[+bandage]   enrollar
4. (sewing)
[+material, hem]   ribetear   (agriculture)
[+corn]   agavillar
5. [+book]   encuadernar
6. (=oblige)
·to bind somebody to something
·obligar a somebody, someone a cumplir con algo
·to bind somebody to do something
·obligar a somebody, someone a hacer algo
·to bind somebody as an apprentice to
·poner a somebody, someone de aprendiz con
7. (culinary, cooking )   unir,   trabar
B. -intransitive verb
[cement etcetera]   cuajarse
[parts of machine]   trabarse
C. -noun
(British, Great Britain)   *
(=nuisance)   lata (m) / lata feminine (f)
·it'noun a bind
es una lata *
·what a bind!
¡qué lata! *
·to be in a bind
·estar en apuros
·the bind is that ...
·el problema es que ...
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