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behind / detrás de
behind   [bɪˈhaɪnd]
When behind is an element in a phrasal verb, for example fall behind, stay behind, look up the verb.
A. -preposition
1. (=to the rear of)   detránoun de
·behind the door
·detránoun de la puerta
·look behind you!
·¡cuidado atránoun!
·with his hands behind his back
·las manos en la espalda
2. (=responsible for)   detránoun de
·what'noun behind all this?
·¿qué hay detránoun de todo esto?
3. (=less advanced than)
·Hill is nine points behind Schumacher
·Hill tiene nueve puntos menos que Schumacher
·we're well behind them in technology
·nos dejan muy atránoun or estamos muy a la zaga de ellos en tecnología
4. (=supporting)
·his family is behind him
·tiene el apoyo de su familia
5. (=in the past of)
·it'noun all behind us now
·todo eso ha quedado ya atránoun
6. (=to one'noun credit)
·she has four novels behind her
·tiene cuatro novelas en el haber
B. -adverb
1. (=in or at the rear)   detránoun,   atránoun
·to come from behind
·venir desde atránoun
·to follow close behind
·seguir muy de cerca
·to attack somebody from behind
·atacar a somebody, someone por la espalda
·to leave something behind
·olvidar algo
2. (=behind schedule)
·to be a bit behind
·estar algo atrasadillo
·to be behind with the rent
·tener atrasos de alquiler
·to be behind with one'noun work
·estar atrasado en el trabajo
3. (=less advanced)
·Pepe won with Paco only two strokes behind
·ganó Pepe con Paco a nounólo dos golpes de distancia
C. -noun
*   trasero (m)
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