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bed / cama
bed   [bed]
A. -noun
1. (=furniture)   cama (f)
·I was in bed
·estaba en la cama
·could you give me a bed for the night?
·¿me puede hospedar or alojar esta noche?
a. to [get] into bed =   meterse en la cama
·to get somebody into bed
(=have sex)   llevarse a somebody, someone a la cama
·to get into bed with somebody
(=agree to work together)   aliarse con somebody, someone
b. to [go] to bed =   acostarse
·to go to bed with somebody
·acostarse con somebody, someone
c. to [make] the bed =   hacer la cama
d. to [put] a child to bed =   acostar a un niño
·to put a paper to bed
·terminar la redacciónoun de un nounúmero
e. to [stay] in bed   (because ill)   guardar cama   (because lazy)   quedarse en la cama
f. to [take] to one'noun bed =   irse a la cama
g. to get out of bed (on) the wrong side
(British, Great Britain)
h. get up (on) the wrong side of the bed
(United States)   levantarse con el pie izquierdo
i. you've made your bed, now you must lie in or on it   quien mala cama hace en ella se yace
2. [of animal]   lecho (m)
3. [of river]   cauce (m),   lecho (m)
b. [of sea]   fondo (m)
4. (=flower bed)   arriate (m),   parterre (m)
(=vegetable bed)   arriate (m)
(=oyster bed)   banco (m),   vivero (m)
a. his life'noun no bed of roses   su vida no es un lecho de rosas
5. (=layer)
a. [of coal, ore]   estrato (m),   capa (f)   (in road-building)   capa (f)   (architecture, technical)   base (f)
·served on a bed of lettuce/rice
·servido sobre una base de lechuga/arroz
B. -transitive verb
1. (architecture etcetera)   fijar,   engastar
2.   *
[+woman]   llevar a la cama,   acostarse con
C. -compound
·bed and board   -noun   comida (f) y cama,   pensiónoun (f) completa
·bed and breakfast   -noun   pensiónoun (f) (con desayuno)
·bed bath   -noun   (medicine)
·they gave her a bed bath
·la lavaron en la cama
·bed jacket   -noun   mañanita (f)
·bed linen   -noun   ropa (f) de cama
·bed of nails   -noun   cama (f) de clavos
·bed rest   -noun   reposo (m) en cama
·bed settee   -noun   sofá-cama (m)
BEd   [bi:ˈed]   -noun abbreviation   Bachelor of Education
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