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base / base
base   1   [beɪs]
A. -noun
1. (=bottom, support)
a. [of wall]   base (f)
b. [of column]   base (f),   pie (m)
c. [of vase, lamp]   pie (m)
2. (=basis, starting point)   base (f)
3. (military)   base (f)
a. [of organization, company]   sede (f)
(=residence)   lugar (m) de residencia
(=workplace)   base (f)
4. (Baseball)   base (f)
a. to get to or reach first base
(especially United States)   (Baseball)   llegar a la primera base   (figurative)   alcanzar la primera meta
b. to touch base with somebody
(especially United States)   ponerse en contacto con somebody, someone
c. to touch or cover all (the) bases
(especially United States)   abarcarlo todo
d. to be off base
(United States)   *
·he'noun way off base
·está totalmente equivocado
5. (mathematics)   base (f)
6. (Drugs)   *   cocaína (f) (para fumar)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=post, locate)
·to base somebody at
[+troops]   estacionar a somebody, someone en
·we were based on Malta
·nos estacionaron en Malta
·the job is based in London
·el trabajo tiene su base en Londres
·where are you based now?
·¿dónde estánoun ahora?
2. (=found)
[+opinion, relationship]
·to base something on
·basar or fundar algo en
·to be based on
·basarse or fundarse en
·a story based on fact
·una historia basada en la realidad
·I base myself on the following facts
·me apoyo en los hechos siguientes
C. -compound
·base camp   -noun   campo (m) base
·base coat   -noun
a. [of paint]   primera capa (f)
·base form   -noun   (linguistics)   base (f) derivativa
·base jumping   -noun   salto en paracaídas realizado ilegalmente desde rascacielos, puentes, etcetera.
·base lending rate   -noun   tipo (m) de interénoun base
·base period   -noun   período (m) base
·base rate   -noun   tipo (m) de interénoun base
base / vil
base   2   [beɪs]
baser   comparative
basest   superlative   -adjective
1. [action, motive]   vil,   bajo
2. [metal]   bajo de ley
3. (United States)   bass  
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