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ball / pelota
ball   1   [bɔ:l]
A. -noun
1. (Tennis, Cricket, Golf etcetera)   pelota (f)   (football)   balónoun (m)
(=sphere)   bola (f)
·to play ball (with somebody)
(literally)   jugar a la pelota (con somebody, someone)   (figurative)   cooperar (con somebody, someone)
·to roll (o.noun.) up into a ball
·hacerse un ovillo
·the ball is with you or in your court
(figurative)   te corresponde a ti dar el siguiente paso
·that'noun the way the ball bounces
(United States)   *   así es la vida,   así son las cosas
·the whole ball of wax
(United States)   *   (figurative)   toda la historia *
a. to be behind the eight ball
(United States)   estar en apuros
b. to be on the ball   estar al tanto,   ser muy despabilado
·you have to be on the ball for this
·para esto hay que estar al tanto
c. to have a lot on the ball
(United States)   *   tener mucho talento
d. to keep one'noun eye on the ball   no perder de vista lo principal
e. to start/keep the ball rolling   poner/mantener la cosa en marcha
f. to be a ball of fire
·he'noun a real ball of fire
·es muy dinámico
·he'noun not exactly a ball of fire
·no es que sea muy dinámico que digamos
g. to keep several balls in the air   hacer varias cosas al mismo tiempo
h. to pick up or take the ball and run with it   tomar el testigo e intentarlo
2. (military)   bala (f)
·ball and chain
(literally)   grillete (m) con bola   (figurative)   atadura (f)
3. [of wool]   ovillo (m)
4. (anatomy)
a. [of foot]   pulpejo (m)
b. [of thumb]   base (f)
5. ***
(=testicle)   cojónoun *** (m),   huevo *** (m)
6. balls
(British, Great Britain)   ***
(=nonsense)   pavadas (m) / pavadas feminine plural (f),   huevadas feminine plural Andes, Chile Andes, Chile
(=courage)   cojones *** masculine plural,   pelotas *** feminine plural
a. to break or bust somebody'noun balls   joder la existencia a somebody, someone ***
B. -transitive verb
1. also ball up
[+handkerchief etcetera]   hacer una bola con
2. (especially United States)   ***
(=have sex with)   echarse un polvo con ***,   tirarse ***
C. -intransitive verb
1. also ball up
[fist etcetera]   hacerse una bola
2. (especially United States)   ***
(=have sex)   echarse un polvo ***,   follar Spain Spain,   chingar Mexico Mexico
D. -compound
·ball and socket joint   -noun   junta (f) articulada
·ball bearing   -noun   cojinete (m) de bolas,   balero (m) Mexico,   rulemánoun (m) Southern Cone
·ball boy   -noun   (Tennis)   recogedor (m) de pelotas
·ball control   -noun   (football)   dominio (m) del balónoun
·ball game   -noun
(United States)   partido (m) de béisbol
·this is a different ball game
(figurative)   esto es otro cantar *,   esto es algo muy distinto
·it'noun a whole new ball game
(figurative)   las cosas han cambiado totalmente
·ball girl   -noun   (Tennis)   recogedora (f) de pelotas
·ball joint   -noun   junta (f) articulada
·ball lightning   -noun   (meteorology)   relativeámpago (m) en bola or en globo
ball / baile de etiqueta
ball   2   [bɔ:l]   -noun
1. (=dance)   baile (m) de etiqueta
2. *
(=good time)
·we had a ball
lo pasamos en grande *
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