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balance / equilibrio
balance   [ˈbæləns]
A. -noun
1. (=equilibrium)   equilibrio (m)
·a nice balance of humour and pathos
·un sutil equilibrio entre el humor y el patetismo
·the balance of his mind was disturbed
formal usage   su mente estaba desequilibrada
a. [in] balance =   en equilibrio,   equilibrado
b. to [keep] one'noun balance =   mantener el equilibrio
c. to [lose] one'noun balance =   perder el equilibrio
d. the balance of [nature] =   el equilibrio de la naturaleza
e. [off] balance
·he'noun a bit off balance
(mentally)   está un poco desequilibrado
·to catch somebody off balance
·pillar a somebody, someone desprevenido
·to throw somebody off balance
(literally)   hacer que somebody, someone pierda el equilibrio   (figurative)   desconcertar a somebody, someone
f. [on] balance   (figurative)   teniendo or tomando en cuenta todos los factores,   una vez considerados todos los factores formal usage
g. to be [out] of balance
[mechanism, wheel]   estar desequilibrado
h. balance of [power]   (military, commerce)   equilibrio (m) de poder   (physics)   equilibrio (m) de fuerzas
i. to [redress] the balance =   restablecer el equilibrio
j. he has no [sense] of balance =   no tiene sentido del equilibrio
k. to [strike] a balance =   conseguir or establecer un equilibrio
2. (=scales)   balanza (f)
a. to [be] or [hang] in the balance   (figurative)   estar pendiente de un hilo
3. (commerce)   saldo (m)
·what'noun my balance?
·¿qué saldo tengo?
·to pay off the balance of an account
·liquidar el saldo de una cuenta
a. [bank] balance =   saldo (m)
b. balance [carried forward] =   balance (m) a cuenta nueva
c. [closing] balance =   saldo (m) de cierre
d. [credit]/[debit] balance =   saldo (m) acreedor/deudor
e. balance of [payments]/[trade] =   balanza (f) de pagos/comercio
4. (=remainder)
a. [of items]   resto (m)
b. [of money]   saldo (m)
c. balance [due] =   saldo (m) deudor
d. balance [outstanding] =   saldo (m) pendiente
5. (Audio)   balance (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=place in equilibrium)
[+weight]   equilibrar
[+object]   poner/mantener en equilibrio   (automobiles)
[+wheel]   nivelar
·he balanced the glass on top of the books
·puso el vaso en equilibrio sobre los libros
·the seal balanced the ball on its nose
·la foca mantenía la pelota en equilibrio sobre su hocico
·he balanced himself on one foot
·se mantuvo en equilibrio sobre un pie
·cats use their tails to balance themselves
·los gatos utilizan el rabo para equilibrarse
2. (=compare)   comparar,   sopesar
(=make up for)   compensar
a. this increase must be balanced [against] the rate of inflation =   hay que sopesar este aumento y la tasa de inflaciónoun
3. (commerce)
a. to balance an [account] =   hacer el balance de una cuenta
b. to balance the [books] =   hacer balance,   hacer cuadrar las cuentas
c. to balance the [budget] =   nivelar el presupuesto
d. to balance the [cash] =   hacer caja
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=keep equilibrium)   mantener el equilibrio,   mantenerse en equilibrio
2. (commerce)
[accounts]   cuadrar
D. -compound
·balance sheet   -noun   balance (m),   hoja (f) de balance
·balance weight   -noun   contrapeso (m)
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