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award / premio
award   [əˈwɔ:d]
A. -noun
1. (=prize)   premio (m)   (military)
(=medal)   condecoraciónoun (f)
2. (law, legal)
(=ruling)   fallo (m),   sentencia (f)
(=sum of money)   (punitive)   sanciónoun (f)
(=damages)   concesiónoun (f)
·a record award for sexual harassment
·una sanciónoun récord por acoso sexual
·they are appealing against the award of £350,000 to Violet Bush
·van a recurrir contra la concesiónoun de £350.000 a Violet Bush
3. (=act of awarding)   entrega (f),   concesiónoun (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+prize, medal]   conceder,   otorgar
·the prize is not being awarded this year
·este año el premio se ha declarado desierto
2. (law, legal)
[+damages]   adjudicar
3. (Sport)
·to award a penalty (against somebody)
·pitar or señalar (un) penalti (contra somebody, someone)
·to award somebody a penalty
·conceder un penalti a somebody, someone
C. -compound
·award(noun) ceremony   -noun   ceremonia (f) de entrega de premios
·award winner   -noun   premiado (m) / premiada (f),   galardonado (m) / galardonada (f)
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