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ataque / attack
ataque   -noun masculine
1. (military)   attack
·se dejó expuesto al ataque
·he left himself open to attack
·un ataque a o contra algo/somebody, someone
·an attack on something/somebody
·[lanzar] un ataque
·to launch an attack
·[volver] al ataque
·to return to the attack
·[pasar] al ataque
·to go on the offensive
·¡al ataque!
·ataque aéreo   air raid,   air strike
·ataque a superficie   ground attack,   ground strike
·ataque fingido   sham attack
·ataque frontal   frontal attack
·ataque por sorpresa   surprise attack
·ataque preventivo   pre-emptive strike
2. (medicine)   attack
·le dio un ataque de tos
·he had a coughing fit o a fit of coughing
·ataque al corazónoun
·ataque cardíaco   heart attack
·ataque cerebral   brain haemorrhage o United States hemorrhage
·ataque de nervios   nervous breakdown
·ataque epiléptico   epileptic fit
·ataque fulminante   stroke
3. (=arranque)   fit
·me entró o dio un ataque de risa
·I got a fit of the giggles
·cuando se entere le da un ataque
*   she'll have a fit when she finds out *
·ataque de celos   fit of jealousy
·ataque de ira   fit of anger
4. (=crítica)   attack
·ataque a o contra algo/somebody, someone
·attack on something/somebody
·un duro ataque a o contra la ley electoral
·a fierce attack on the electoral law
5. (sport)   attack
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