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armed / armado
armed   [ɑ:md]
A. -adjective   [conflict, struggle, resistance]   armado
·their men were not armed
·sus hombres no iban armados
·their men were heavily armed
·sus hombres iban bien provistos de armas
·armed guards
guardias masculine plural armados
a. the armed [forces] =   las fuerzas armadas
b. armed [robbery] =   robo (m) a mano armada
c. armed [with] something   (literally, figurative)   armado de or con algo
·they were armed with machine guns
·iban armados de or con ametralladoras
·she came armed with reams of statistics
·vino armada de or con páginas y páginas de estadísticas
·the missile was armed with a conventional warhead
·el misil estaba equipado de or con una cabeza convencional
d. armed to the teeth   armado hasta los dientes
B. -past tense, past participle
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