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apply / aplicar
apply   [əˈplaɪ]
A. -transitive verb
1. [+ointment, paint etcetera]   aplicar   (to   a)
·to apply heat to a surface
(technical)   exponer una superficie al calor   (medicine)   calentar una superficie
·to apply a match to something
·prender fuego a algo con una cerilla
2. (=impose)
[+rule, law]   aplicar,   emplear
3. (=use)
·to apply the brakes
·to apply pressure on something
·ejercer presiónoun sobre algo
·to apply pressure on somebody
(figurative)   presionar a somebody, someone
4. (=dedicate)
·to apply one'noun mind to a problem
·dedicarse a resolver un problema
·to apply o.noun. to a task
·dedicarse or aplicarse a una tarea
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=be relevant)   ser aplicable,   ser pertinente
·cross out what does not apply
·táchese lo que no proceda
·to apply to
(=be applicable to)   ser aplicable a,   referirse a
·the law applies to everybody
·la ley es aplicable a or de obligado cumplimiento para todos
·this rule doesn't apply to us
·esta norma no nos afecta
2. (for job, audition)   presentarse
·are you applying?
·¿te vas a presentar?
·please apply at the office
·diríjanse a la oficina
·to apply to somebody
·dirigirse a somebody, someone,   acudir a somebody, someone
·to apply for
[+scholarship, grant, assistance]   solicitar,   pedir
[+job]   solicitar,   presentarse a
·patent applied for
·patente en trámite
·to apply to somebody for something
·solicitar algo a somebody, someone
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