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apple / manzana
apple   [ˈæpl]
A. -noun
(=fruit)   manzana (f)
(=tree)   manzano (m)
·apple of discord
manzana (f) de la discordia
a. apples and pears
(British, Great Britain)   **
(=stairs)   escalera (f)
b. the Big Apple
(United States)   *   la Gran Manzana,   Nueva York (f)
c. the apple of one'noun eye   la niña de los ojos de somebody, someone
d. one bad or rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel   manzana podrida echa ciento a perder
B. -compound
·apple blossom   -noun   flor (f) del manzano
·apple brandy   -noun   licor (m) de manzana
·apple core   -noun   corazónoun (m) de manzana
·apple dumpling   -noun   postre a base de manzana asada y masa
·apple fritter   -noun   manzana (f) rebozada
·apple orchard   -noun   manzanar (m),   manzanal (m)
·apple pie   -noun   pastel (m) de manzana,   pay (m) de manzana Latin America
·apple sauce   -noun   (culinary, cooking )   compota (f) de manzana
(United States)   *
(=hokum)   tonterías feminine plural
·apple tart   -noun   tarta (f) de manzana
·apple tree   -noun   manzano (m)
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