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appear / aparecer
appear   [əˈpɪər]   -intransitive verb
1. (=arrive, become visible)
[person, graffiti]   aparecer
[ghost]   aparecerse
[spot, stain, crack]   aparecer,   salir
[symptom]   aparecer,   presentarse
·Trudy appeared at last
·por fin apareció Trudy
·he appeared briefly to address his supporters
·hizo una breve apariciónoun para dirigirse a sus seguidores
·he appeared without a tie
·se presentó sin corbata
a. he appeared [from] nowhere =   salió or apareció de la nada
·where did you appear from?
·¿de dónde has salido?
·the sun appeared from behind a cloud
·el sol salió de detránoun de una nube
b. to appear in [public] =   aparecer en público
c. to appear [to] somebody   (as vision)   aparecerse a somebody, someone
·he appeared to me in a dream
·se me apareció en sueños
2. (theatre, television)   salir
·she appeared in "Fuenteovejuna"
·salió or hizo un papel en "Fuenteovejuna"
a. she appeared [as] Ophelia =   hizo (el papel) de Ofelia
b. to appear on [stage] =   aparecer en escena
c. to appear on [television] =   salir en or por televisiónoun
3. (law, legal)
3.1. [defendant]   comparecer
a. to appear [before] somebody =   comparecer ante somebody, someone
b. to appear [in] court =   comparecer ante el tribunal or los tribunales
c. to appear [on] a charge of murder =   comparecer acusado de homicidio
3.2. [lawyer]
a. to appear [for] or [on behalf of] somebody =   representar a somebody, someone
·to appear for the defence/the prosecution
·representar a la defensa/la acusaciónoun
4. (=be published)   salir,   publicarse
·the book appeared in 1960
·el libro salió or se publicó en 1960
·the term first appeared in print in 1530
·el primer testimonio escrito del término se remonta a 1530
·it was her life'noun ambition to appear in print
·la ilusiónoun de su vida era ver su nombre impreso
5. (=seem)   parecer
·he appears tired
·parece cansado
·how does it appear to you?
·¿qué impresiónoun le da?
·it appears to me that they are mistaken
·me da la impresiónoun de que or me parece que estánoun equivocados
·they appear not to like each other
·parece que no se gustan,   no parece que se gusten
·there appears to be a mistake
·parece que hay un error
·she appeared not to notice
·no pareció darse cuenta
·we must appear to be fair
·debemos dar la impresiónoun de ser justos
a. it appears [not]
b. it would appear [not] =   parece que no
c. "he came then?" -- "[so] it would appear" =   --¿entonces él ha venido? --eso parece
·she got the job, or so it would appear
·le dieron el trabajo, segúnoun parece
6. (=become apparent)
·as will appear in due course
·segúnoun se verá a su debido tiempo
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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