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apparent / claro
apparent   [əˈpærənt]   -adjective
1. (=clear)   claro
·to be apparent [that]
·estar claro que
·it was apparent that there were problems
·estaba claro que había problemas
·it was immediately apparent that he was lying
·enseguida se vio claramente que mentía
a. to [become] apparent =   hacerse patente
·it became apparent that he was not coming
·se hizo patente que no venía
·it is becoming apparent that we will have to find larger premises
·ya se está viendo que vamos a tener que encontrar un local masculineánoun grande
b. this attitude is apparent [in] some of the things they say =   esta actitud queda patente or se ve claramente en algunas de las cosas que dicen
c. for no apparent [reason] =   sin motivo aparente
d. it was apparent [to] me that there were problems =   veía claro or me resultaba obvio que había problemas
2. (=seeming)   [success, contradiction, interest]   aparente
·more apparent than real
·masculineánoun aparente que real
3. heir
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