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andar / to walk
A. -intransitive verb
1. (=ir a pie)   to walk
(=moverse)   to move
(=viajar)   to travel around
·iremos andando a la estaciónoun
·we'll walk to the station
·vinimos andando
·we walked here,   we came on foot
·el tren empezó a andar
·the train started moving
·la masculineáquina empezó a andar
·the machine started up
·anduvieron por Jamaica y Cuba
·they travelled around Jamaica and Cuba
a. andar a [caballo] =   to ride
b. andar [tras] algo/somebody, someone =   to be after something/somebody
·andar tras una chica
·to be o chase after a girl
2. (=funcionar)   to go,   work
·el reloj no anda
·the clock won't go,   the clock isn't working
·el reloj anda bien
·the clock keeps good time
·¿cómo anda esto?
·how does this work?
3. *
(=estar)   to be
·no nouné por dónde anda
·I don't know where he is
·anda por aquí
·it'noun around here somewhere
·seguro que ése anda por Brasil
·he'noun bound to be somewhere in Brazil
·andar alegre
·to be o feel cheerful
·hay que andar con cuidado
·you have to be careful
·últimamente ando muy liado
·I've been very busy lately
·andar bien de salud
·to be well,   be in good health
·andamos mal de dinero
·we're badly off for money,   we're short of money
·¿cómo andan las cosas?
·how are things?
·¿cómo anda eso?
·how are things going?
·¿qué tal andas?
·how are you?
·¿cómo andas de tabaco?
·how are you off for cigarettes?
·ando escaso de tiempo
·I am pushed for time
a. de andar por [casa]
·ropa de andar por casa
·clothes for wearing around the house
·un montaje muy de andar por casa
·a rough-and-ready production
·justicia de andar por casa
·rough-and-ready justice
b. andan como Pedro por su casa   they act as if they owned the place
·quien mal anda, mal acaba
·you get what you deserve
4. (=rebuscar)
·¡no andes ahí!
·keep away from there!
·andar en
·to rummage around in
·han estado andando en el armario
·they've been rummaging around in the cupboard
·no andes en mis cosas
·keep out of my things
5. andar [a]
·siempre andan a gritos
·they're always shouting
·andan a la greña o a la gresca
·they're at each other'noun throats
6. andar [con] somebody, someone =   to go around with somebody
·anda con una chica francesa
·he goes around with a French girl
·dime con quiénoun andas y te diré quiénoun eres
·a man is known by the company he keeps
7. andar [en]
(=estar implicado en)   to be involved in
·andar en pleitos
·to be engaged o involved in lawsuits
·anda en la droga
·he'noun involved with drugs
·sospecho que anda en ello Rosa
·I suspect Rosa is involved
·¿en qué andas?
·what are you up to?
8. andar [haciendo] algo =   to be doing something
·¿qué andas buscando?
·what are you looking for?
·ando buscando un socio
·I'masculine looking for a partner
·no andes criticándolo todo el tiempo
·stop criticizing him all the time
9. andar [por]
·anda por los 50
·he'noun about 50
·el pueblo anda por los 1.000 habitantes
·the village has about 1,000 inhabitants
·anda por los 700 euros
·it'noun around 700 euros
10. andando el tiempo
·un niño que, andando el tiempo, sería rey
·a child who, in time, would become king
·andando el tiempo la pena de muerte desaparecerá
·the death penalty will eventually disappear
11. (exclamaciones)
(=¡no me digas!)   well I never!
(=¡vamos!)   come on!
·¡anda!, no lo sabía
·well I never, I didn't know that!
·anda, dímelo
·go on, tell me
·anda, no me molestes
·just stop annoying me, will you?
·anda, no te lo tomes tan a pecho
·come on, there'noun no need to take it to heart like that
·¡anda, anda!
·come on!
·¡ándale (pues)!
(Mexicoéx)   *
(=apúrese)   come on!,   hurry up!
(=adiónoun)   cheerio!
(=gracias)   thanks!   (encontrando algo)   that'noun it!
·right, let'noun get on with it!
·andando, que todavía hay mucho que hacer
·let'noun get moving, there'noun still a lot to do
a. ¡anda [ya]!
·anda ya, no nos vengas con esnobismos
·come on, don't be such a snob
·--dile que te gusta --¡anda ya, para que me suba el precio!
·"tell her you like it" -- "oh sure, so she can charge me more!"
B. -transitive verb
1. (=recorrer a pie)
[+trecho]   to walk
·anduvimos varios kilómetros
·we walked several kilometres
·me conocía muy bien el camino por haberlo andado varias veces
·I knew the path very well, as I'd been down o walked it several times before
2. (Latin America)
[+ropa]   to wear
[+objeto]   to carry
·yo no ando reloj
·I don't wear a watch
-pronominal verb
1. (=irse)   to go off,   go away
a. andarse [por] las ramas   to beat about the bush
2. andarse [con]
·ándate con cuidado
·take care
·no puedes andarte con tonterías
·you can't afford to mess about
·no andarse con contemplaciones o remilgos
·not to stand on ceremony
·no podía andarse con demasiados remilgos a la hora de elegir marido
·she couldn't be too fussy when choosing a husband
·no podemos andarnos con contemplaciones a la hora de buscar una soluciónoun a la crisis
·we can't afford to worry about the niceties when looking for a solution to the crisis
·no se anda con chiquitas
·he doesn't mess about
·no andarse con rodeos
·not to beat about the bush
3. andarse [en]
[+herida, nariz]   to pick
(=permitirse)   to indulge in
·no te andes en la nariz
·don't pick your nose
·se andaba en la herida
·he was picking at his wound
4. ·todo se andará
·all in good time
D. -noun masculine   walk,   gait
·es de andares rápidos
·he walks quickly
·a masculineánoun o todo andar
·at full speed,   as quickly as possible
a. a largo andar  
(=al final)   in the end
(=a largo plazo)   in the long run
b. estar en un andar     to be on the same level
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