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against / contra
against   [əˈgenst]
When against is an element in a phrasal verb, for example go against, run up against, look up the verb.
A. -preposition
1. (=in opposition to)
[+person]   contra,   en contra de
[+plan]   en contra de
·what have you got against me?
·¿qué tiene usted en contra de masculineí?,   ¿qué tiene usted contra masculineí?
·I spoke against the plan
·hablé en contra del proyecto
·I see nothing against it
·no veo nada en contra
·he was against it
·estaba en contra,   se opuso a ello
·he was against going
·estaba en contra de ir
·it'noun against the law
·la ley lo prohíbe,   es ilegal
·it'noun against the rules
·no lo permiten las reglas
·conditions are against us
·las condiciones nos son desfavorables
·luck was against him
·la suerte le era contraria
·to stand or run against somebody
(politics)   presentarse en contra de somebody, someone
a. to be up against it   estar en un aprieto
·now we're really up against it!
·¡ahora nouní tenemos problemas!
2. (=in contact with)   contra
·he hit his head against the wall
·se dio con la cabeza contra la pared
·he leant the ladder against the wall
·apoyó la escalera contra la pared
3. (=in front of)   contra
·against the light
·contra la luz,   a contrasol
·the hills stood out against the sunset
·las colinas se destacaban sobre la puesta del sol
4. (in comparisons)
·(as) against
·contra,   en contraste con
·six today, as against seven yesterday
·seis hoy, en comparaciónoun con siete ayer
5. (=for)
·refund available against this voucher
·se devuelve el precio al presentar este comprobante
·everything was ready against his arrival
·todo estaba listo para su llegada
B. -adverb   en contra
·well, I'masculine against
·bueno, yo estoy en contra
·there were 20 votes against
·hubo 20 votos en contra
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