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adjustment / regulación
adjustment   [əˈdȝʌstmənt]   -noun
1. (=regulation)
a. [of temperature, height, knob, dial]   regulaciónoun (f)
b. [of machine, engine, brakes]   ajuste (m)
2. (=rearrangement)
a. [of clothing]   arreglo (m)
3. (=alteration)   modificaciónoun (f),   cambio (m)
·we can always make an adjustment
·siempre podemos cambiarlo
·to make an adjustment to one'noun plans
·modificar sus planes
4. (=adaptation)
a. [of person]   adaptaciónoun (f)
·social adjustment
adaptaciónoun (f) social
5. (economy)   ajuste (m),   reajuste (m)
·adjustment of prices
ajuste (m) de precios
·adjustment of wages
reajuste (m) salarial
·after adjustment for inflation
·despuénoun de los ajustes or reajustes debidos a la inflaciónoun
6. (Insurance)
a. [of claim]   liquidaciónoun (f),   tasaciónoun (f)
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