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ace / as
ace   [eɪs]
A. -noun
1. (Cards)   as (m)
a. to be within an ace of   estar a punto or a dos dedos de
b. to keep an ace up one'noun sleeve
c. have an ace in the hole
(United States)   *   guardar un triunfo en la mano,   guardarse un as en la manga
d. to play one'noun ace   jugar su triunfo
e. to hold all the aces   tener la sarténoun por el mango
2. (Tennis)   ace (m)
3. (=pilot, racing driver etcetera)   as (m)
·he'noun aces
(United States)   *   es fenomenal *
B. -adjective   *   estupendo *,   de aúpa *
·ace player
as (m)
C. -compound
·Ace bandage   ®   -noun
(United States)   venda (f) elástica
-noun abbreviation
(United States)   American Council on Education
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