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accommodation / alojamiento
accommodation   [əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən]
A. -noun
1. also United States accommodations
(=lodging)   alojamiento (m)
(=rooms)   habitaciones feminine plural
·have you any accommodation available?
·¿tiene usted habitaciones disponibles?
·to book accommodation in a hotel
·reservar una habitaciónoun en un hotel
·accommodation to let
·se alquilan habitaciones
2. (=space)   lugar (m),   cabida (f)
·there is accommodation for 20 passengers
·hay lugar para 20 pasajeros
·there is standing accommodation only
·hay sitio solamente para estar de pie
·the plane has limited accommodation
·el aviónoun tiene un nounúmero limitado de plazas
3. (=agreement)   acuerdo (m)
·to reach an accommodation with creditors
·llegar a un acuerdo con los acreedores
4. (=adaptation)   acomodaciónoun (f),   adaptaciónoun (f)
5. (=loan)   crédito (m),   préstamo (m)
B. -compound
·accommodation address   -noun   domicilio (f) postal
·accommodation bill   -noun   (commerce)   pagaré (m) de favor
·accommodation bureau   -noun   oficina (f) de hospedaje
·accommodation note   -noun   accommodation bill
·accommodation train   -noun
(United States)   tren (m) de cercanías
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