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absolutely / completamente
absolutely   [ˈæbsəlu:tlɪ]   -adverb
1. (=completely)
[clear, impossible, alone, untrue]   completamente,   totalmente
[hilarious, beautiful, wonderful]   realmente
[exhausted, horrible]   totalmente
[necessary]   absolutamente
a. it'noun absolutely [boiling] in here! =   ¡aquí dentro hace un calor infiernal!
b. he'noun absolutely [delighted] at being a father again =   está contentísimo de volver a ser padre
c. the food was absolutely [disgusting] =   la comida era verdaderamente asquerosa
d. punctuality is absolutely [essential] =   la puntualidad es de vital importancia
e. absolutely [everybody] =   absolutamente todo el mundo
f. absolutely [everything] =   absolutamente todo
g. I've looked absolutely [everywhere] for it =   lo he buscado absolutamente por todas partes
h. your hands are absolutely [filthy] =   tienes las manos sucísimas or verdaderamente sucias
i. it is absolutely [forbidden] to   + INFIN   queda terminantemente prohibido + infinitive
j. it'noun absolutely [freezing] in here! =   ¡aquí dentro hace un frío que pela!
k. it makes absolutely [no] difference =   no cambia nada en absoluto
l. absolutely [nobody]/[nothing] =   nadie/nada en absoluto
m. to be absolutely [right] =   tener toda la razónoun
n. to lie absolutely [still] =   permanecer tumbado completamente quieto
o. are you absolutely [sure]? =   ¿estánoun completamente seguro?
p. it'noun absolutely [true] =   es la pura verdad,   es totalmente cierto
2. (=unconditionally)
[refuse, deny]   rotundamente
[believe]   firmemente
·I agree absolutely
·estoy totalmente de acuerdo
3. *
(=certainly)   desde luego
·"it'noun worrying, isn't it?" -- "absolutely"
·--es preocupante ¿verdad? --desde luego
a. absolutely [not]! =   ¡de ninguna manera!
·"does this affect your attitude to your work?" -- "absolutely not"
·--¿afecta esto a su actitud hacia su trabajo? --no, en absoluto
4. (grammar)
·adverbs used absolutely
·adverbios de uso absoluto
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