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regar / to water
A. -transitive verb
1. [+planta, parterre]   to water
[+campo, terreno]   to irrigate
[+calle]   to hose down
·regó la carta con lágrimas
literary   she cried all over the letter
2. (culinary, cooking )
·regaron la cena con Rioja
·they washed the meal down with some Rioja
·durante la cocciónoun se riega la carne con su jugo
·whilst it is cooking, baste the meat in its own juice
3. (geography)
[río]   to water
[mar]   to wash
·una costa regada por un mar tranquilo
·a coast washed by a calm sea
4. [+herida]   to wash,   bathe   (con, de   with)
5. (=esparcir)   to sprinkle,   scatter
·iba regando monedas
·he was dropping money all over the place
6. (Andes, Central America)   *
(=derramar)   to spill
(=derribar)   to knock over,   knock down
7. (Caribe)
(=pegar)   to hit
B. -intransitive verb
1. (Caribe)   *
(=bromear)   to joke
·está regando
she'noun having us on *
2. (Caribe)
(=actuar sin pensar)   to act rashly
3. ·regarla
(Mexicoéx)   **
(=fracasar)   to screw it up **,   make a mess of it
C.   -pronominal verb
1. (Central America, Mexicoéx)
(=dispersarse)   to scatter,   scatter in all directions
2. (Caribe)   *
(=enfadarse)   to get cross
3. (Latin America)
(=ducharse)   to shower,   take a shower
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