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Indian / indio
Indian   [ˈɪndɪən]
A. -adjective
(=from India)   [culture, languages, customs]   indio,   hindú
(=American Indian)   indígena,   indio
B. -noun   (from India)   indio (m) / india (f),   hindú masculine and feminine
(=American Indian)   indígena masculine and feminine,   indio (m) / india (f)
C. -compound
·Indian corn   -noun   maize
·Indian elephant   -noun   elefante (m) asiático
·Indian file   -noun   fila (f) india
·Indian hemp   -noun   cáñamo (m) índico
·Indian ink   -noun   tinta (f) china
·the Indian Ocean   -noun   el Océano Índico
·Indian summer   -noun   (in northern hemisphere)   veranillo (m) de San Martínoun   (in southern hemisphere)   veranillo (m) de San Juan
·the publication of that book gave her career an Indian summer
·la publicaciónoun de ese libro dio lugar a un éxito tardío en su carrera
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