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fighting / enfrentamientos
fighting   [ˈfaɪtɪŋ]
A. -noun   (between troops, armies)   enfrentamientos masculine plural   (between individuals)   (literally, figurative)   peleas feminine plural
·he hates fighting
·odia las peleas
B. -adjective
·we still have a fighting [chance] of beating them
·aúnoun tenemos una buena posibilidad de vencerlos
·this treatment at least [gives] her a fighting [chance]
·este tratamiento le da al menos una posibilidad
C. -adverb
·to be fighting [fit]
·estar en plena forma
D. -compound
·fighting bull   -noun   toro (m) de lidia
·fighting cock   -noun   gallo (m) de pelea
·fighting dog   -noun   perro (m) de pelea
·fighting force   -noun   fuerza (f) de combate
·fighting line   -noun   frente (m) de combate
·fighting man   -noun   guerrero (m),   soldado (m)
·fighting spirit   -noun   especiallyíritu (m) de lucha,   combatividad (f)
·fighting strength   -noun   nounúmero (m) de soldados (listos para el combate)
·fighting talk   -noun
·the Prime Minister'noun fighting talk at the Rome summit
·las declaraciones de tono beligerante que hizo el Primer Ministro en la cumbre de Roma
·this is typical fighting talk from the defending champion
·ésta es una típica bravuconada del actual campeónoun
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