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establecer / to establish
A. -transitive verb
1. [+relaciónoun, comunicaciónoun]   to establish
·han logrado establecer contacto con el barco
·they've managed to make o establish contact with the boat
·una reuniónoun para establecer el precio del petróleo
·a meeting to set o fix oil prices
·han establecido controles policiales
·they have set up police checkpoints
2. (=fundar)
[+empresa]   to establish
[+colonia]   to settle
·ha establecido su domicilio en Lugo
·he'noun taken up residence in Lugo
3. (=dictaminar)   to state,   lay down
·la ley establece que ...
·the law states o lays down that ...
4. (=expresar)
[+idea, principio]   to establish
[+norma]   to lay down
[+criterio]   to set
·para establecer los límites de los poderes del presidente
·to establish the extent of the President'noun powers
·una comisiónoun para establecer la verdad de los hechos
·a commission to establish the truth about what happened
5. [+récord]   to set
B.   -pronominal verb
1. (=fijar residencia)   to settle
·la familia se estableció en Madrid
·the family settled in Madrid
2. (=abrir un negocio)   to set up (a business),   open up (a business)
·establecerse por cuenta propia
·to set up on one'noun own,   open up one'noun own business
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