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confidence / confianza
confidence   [ˈkɒnfɪdəns]
A. -noun
1. (=trust)   confianza (f)
a. to [gain] somebody'noun confidence =   ganarse la confianza de somebody, someone
b. to [have] (every) confidence in somebody =   tener (entera) confianza en somebody, someone
·to have (every) confidence that
·estar seguro de que
c. to [inspire] confidence =   inspirar confianza
d. a motion of [no] confidence =   mociónoun (f) de censura
e. to [put] one'noun confidence in something/somebody =   confiar en algo/somebody, someone
2. also self-confidence   confianza (f) (en nouní mismo),   seguridad (f) (en nouní mismo)
a. to [gain] confidence =   ganar confianza or seguridad (en nouní mismo)
b. he [lacks] confidence =   le falta confianza or seguridad (en nouní mismo)
3. (=secrecy)   confianza (f)
a. [in] confidence =   en confianza
·to tell somebody (about) something in strict confidence
·decir algo a somebody, someone en la masculineánoun estricta confianza
·"write in confidence to Michelle Davis"
·"escriba a Michelle Davis: discreciónoun garantizada"
b. to take somebody [into] one'noun confidence =   confiarse a somebody, someone
4. (=revelation)   confidencia (f)
a. they [exchanged] confidences =   se hicieron confidencias
B. -compound
·confidence man   -noun   timador (m),   estafador (m)
·confidence trick
·confidence game
(especially United States)   -noun   timo (m),   estafa (f)
·confidence trickster   -noun   timador (m) / timadoa (f),   estafador (m) / estafadoa (f)
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