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ciento / a hundred
A. -adjective   -pronoun   a hundred,   one hundred
·ciento veinte
·one hundred and twenty,   a hundred and twenty
B. -noun masculine
1. a hundred,   one hundred
·cientos de personas
·hundreds of people
·te lo he dicho cientos de veces
·I've told you hundreds of times
·varios cientos de profesores
·several hundred teachers
·a o por cientos: casos como éste se producen a o por cientos
·there are cases like this by the hundred,   there are hundreds of cases like this
·las víctimas se cuentan a o por cientos
·the death toll runs into hundreds
a. dar ciento y raya a somebody, someone   to be more than a match for somebody
b. ciento y la madre   *
·¡allí había ciento y la madre!   the world and his wife were there *,   there were loads of people there *
2. ·por ciento
·per cent
·el cuarenta y dos por ciento de los estudiantes
·forty-two per cent of the students
·hay un cinco por ciento de descuento
·there is a five per cent discount
·el ciento por ciento
·a o one hundred per cent
·el ciento por ciento de las participantes son mujeres
·a o one hundred per cent of the participants are women
·los hoteles estánoun al ciento por ciento de su capacidad
·the hotels are full to capacity,   the hotels have a hundred per cent occupancy
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