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offensive / ofensivo
offensive   [əˈfensɪv]
A. -adjective
1. (=causing offence, unpleasant)   [behaviour, book, joke]   ofensivo   [remark, language]   ofensivo,   insultante   [smell]   muy desagradable
·to [find] something/somebody offensive
·encontrar algo/a somebody, someone ofensivo
·he doesn't mean to be offensive
·no pretende ofender
a. to be offensive [to] somebody =   ofender a somebody, someone
2. (military)   [operation, action, capability]   ofensivo
3. (Sport)   [player, play]   de ataque
B. -noun   (commerce, military, Sport)   ofensiva (f)
a. an [advertising] offensive =   una ofensiva publicitaria
b. to [be] on the offensive =   estar a la ofensiva
c. to [go] on the offensive =   pasar a la ofensiva,   pasar al ataque
d. to [launch] an offensive =   lanzar una ofensiva
e. a [sales] offensive =   una ofensiva de ventas
f. to [take] the offensive =   tomar la ofensiva
C. -compound
·offensive weapon   -noun   (law, legal)   arma (f) ofensiva   (military)   arma (f) de ataque
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