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compass / brújula
compass   [ˈkʌmpəs]
A. -noun
1. (nautical etcetera)   brújula (f)
2. (mathematics)   (usually plural)   compánoun (m)
·a pair of compasses
·un compánoun
3. formal usage
(=range)   alcance (m)
(=area)   ámbito (m)
·beyond my compass
·fuera de mi alcance
·within the compass of the plan
·dentro de lo abarcado por el plan
B. -transitive verb
formal usage
(=cover, take in)   abarcar   literary
(=surround)   rodear
C. -compound
·compass card   -noun   (nautical)   rosa (f) de los vientos
·compass course   -noun   ruta (f) magnética
·compass rose   -noun   compass card
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